May 8: Three statewide OER/Zero Textbook Cost Degree Initiatives

Many studies have shown that the high cost of textbooks presents a barrier to student success with a greater adverse effect on traditionally underrepresented low-income and minority students. An OER or Zero Textbook Cost Degree (Z-degree) is a pathway to a degree or credential where textbook costs have been eliminated or significantly reduced through the […]

Open Education Week 2019 Roundup

This year, Open Education Week(OEWeek) had 6,494 participants, from 123 countries, using 18 languages. 43 countries held a total of 190 events: 81 local, 109 online, 73 resources shared, (to find out more, check out this wonderful OEWeek Summary infographic) and once again, CCCOER member colleges were well represented. Events were either geared towards faculty […]

The OER Connection with Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment of high school students at community colleges has been growing rapidly in the last few years, as it helps students complete their first couple of year of college while attending high school which can save them both time and money.  Many community colleges are now relying on dual-enrollment for a significant percentage of […]

Faculty Dialogues: Sociology, Administration of Justice, English, Philosophy, & Math

To celebrate Open Education Week, CCCOER will hold five 45-minute webinars, one per day, where faculty in a specific discipline will discuss the intricacies of teaching OER in that subject and answer audience questions. Join us to hear faculty discuss: How they were first introduced to OER, and what made them decide to use it. […]

Bookstore Involvement in OER Projects

by: Cindy Domaika, Manager of Open & Instructional Resources, Nicolet College How does a college bookstore become an integral part of an OER program on a college campus? Can they provide more than a print on demand service or print copies of OpenStax textbooks and textbook prices for data points? This is the story of […]

Student Impact Stories

The California Zero Textbook Cost(ZTC)  Degree Initiative was launched through a Governor’s budget allocation in spring 2016 with the goal of reducing costs for community college students by implementing associate transfer degrees and career technical education certificates where all textbook costs have been eliminated through the adoption of alternative instructional materials and methodologies, including open […]

Student Story: OER Interns at Grossmont College

Overview Carlos and Edwin are the first students to be selected for the newly created paid OER internships funded by the Career Technical Education division of Grossmont College in El Cajon, California. They also work as peer advisors in the Career Center and at the High School Bridge Program held each summer to welcome new […]

Central Carolina Community College’s OER Bootcamp 2019

by: Rodney Powell, Executive Director Center for Academic Excellence and Tara Lucas, Director of Library Services On January 3, 2019, the Center for Academic Excellence at Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) hosted the first-ever OER Bootcamp and it was attended by over 50 CCCC faculty.  Use of OER (Open Educational Resources) is a growing international […]

Faculty OER Adoption Stories in Art History and U.S. History

Instructors who are new to open educational resources (OER) and practices can be reluctant to commit to adopting OER materials due to anticipated or unknown challenges.  In redesigning their courses to use OER, there may be missing materials that they have to find or develop themselves.  They may be concerned about how students will react […]

First Annual Illinois Community Colleges Summit on OER

by: Dr. Denise Coté, Professor & Reference Librarian, College of DuPage On November 30, 2018, the College of DuPage and the College of Lake County hosted the first Summit on OER for Illinois Community Colleges. The event was attended by over 200 community college faculty, administrators, librarians, and staff from 30 colleges from across the state. The […]