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This blog posting is based on an article by Quill West, CCCOER Executive Council President and presentations from Cindy Domaika, Nicolet College and Michael Mills, CCCOER Executive Council Member at our Fall 2018 New Members’ Mixer.  We thank them for sharing their expertise on Open Education Leadership at their institutions.  Image:

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For many institutions, OER represents a significant change of institutional culture. When one or two faculty members adopt OER in their individual classes it is a significant change in the instructor and students’ relationships to teaching and learning. However, the personal change that OER represents for a teacher and their learners is more widespread than originally anticipated. That first faculty member and their students who share their passion for openness in education can lead to a handful of people who want to invest resources in building an institution-wide open practice.

Growing the change

At CCCOER we want to help all institutions embrace those moments of passion that can lead to institutional investment in OER, after all our mission is to promote the adoption of open education to enhance teaching and learning at community and technical colleges. We have furthered that mission in a variety of ways over the years, but in a sense a lot of the work we have done for the past eleven years has focused on building a community of people who help one another guide and manage change. In December of 2018, we are talking about how our members have invested in change in hopes of better understanding how our members can think about sustainable and meaningful change toward openness. To that end, this brief review will examine some of the literature about managing change, so that we can start a conversation about some important questions:

  1. What does it mean to be a person who inspires and leads change?
  2. What are the personal and professional investments we can/should make in managing change?
  3. What about sustaining change?
  4. What does the literature say about sustaining change?

Read Quill West’s complete article here


Open Education Leadership at Nicolet College

Cindy Domaika, Manager of Open and Instructional Resources at Nicolet College, one of the 16 Wisconsin Technical Colleges, shared her journey from the bookstore manager just over two years ago to leading the open education efforts at the college. She started with the willing i.e. the faculty who weren’t really attached to their textbooks and were willing to switch to OER but she continues to listen to those who have alternative opinions and needs.  Open education is not an initiative at Nicolet anymore, it’s normal operating procedure.

Click on Cindy’s slide to hear the full story …


Open Education Leadership at Montgomery College

Montgomery College OERDr. Michael Mills, VP of  E-Learning, Innovation & Teaching Excellence at Montgomery College in Maryland shared his perspective on how open education became mainstream at the college.  Over two years ago, Montgomery college was awarded an OER Degree grant from Achieving the Dream initiative.  The launching of the degree pathway lead to institutionalizing open educational practices,  policies, and resources at the college.

Click on Mike’s slide to hear the full story …

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