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Many higher education institutions including community and technical colleges are attempting to move all their classes online as closures of campuses become necessary. This is impacting faculty, staff, students (everyone) so we’ve begun building a list of resources from the open education community organized by CCCOER and Open Education Global to support educators, students, and their families in the transition to online and homebound schooling necessitated during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.  The spreadsheet is organized into the following categories:
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  • Government Resources — latest information on spread and closures
  • Online Teaching Tips — transition to online and best practices and free tools
  • Student Support — assisting students in the transition to online and ensuring basic needs with campus closures.
  • OER Toolkits — quick startups and tips for finding, using, and adapting OER
  • OER Repositories — repositories and referatories for openly licensed materials
  • K-12 Resources — speaking with students, considerations for schools, online resources for parents, students
  • Univ/College/Org Outreach — examples of colleges, universities, and organizations support

Although students may not be coming to campus, they are still experiencing many of the same issues of food and housing insecurity which may be exacerbated with disruption of jobs and transportation so student support remains critical at this time.

K-12 schools are also being required to close their doors leaving younger students homebound without many resources. We are collecting free online and open educational resources available for families and students and blog posts from K-12 leaderships.

Please feel free to add more open educational and free resources to this shared spreadsheet. It is our hope that instructors and students who engage for the first time with open educational resources will see the value and resilience of open educational resources and practices and continue to search for and use them in the future.

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