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Launched in fall 2019, the Regional Leadership for Open Education (RLOE) initiative was motivated by CCCOER leaders’ growing need to collaborate across institutional and state boundaries to find solutions for issues impacting OER adoption at diverse, large multi-institution systems. Many open education leaders face similar issues of advocacy and implementation beyond their home institution and wish for the opportunity to craft common solutions and eliminate duplication of efforts. Leaders from colleges, universities, library consortia, and government agencies were invited to participate in four workgroups to discuss and build solutions. Each workgroup brainstormed at a pre-conference day at Glendale Community College, the day before OpenEd Conference 2019. The time was spent in separate workgroups discussing needs and projects that might be approached collaboratively  to solve common issues, and finally a sharing out to the entire group. Over the next few months, virtual meetings were held to narrow down the focus of the projects to be pursued in 2020. This blog is a sharing of these early efforts and an invitation for community feedback.

  • Policy & Strategy: focusing on a bibliography of open education policy implementations and building a video repository of statewide OER policy clips.RLOE gear graph
  • Stewardship: focusing on emerging frameworks for stewardship of open education resources and student privacy and data.
  • Professionalism: focusing on building a matrix of emerging “open education” roles and their associated competencies to better identify training needs.
  • Sustainability: focusing on building a virtual file cabinet of higher education infrastructure documents/templates integrating open education.


Policy & Strategy

Document the Implementation of State and Regional Policies


Denise Cote, PhD

Dr. Denise Coté
Professor, Librarian
College of Dupage, IL

Methods: Collect and summarize policies and procedures that address implementation of OER policy including:

  • OER Grant Programs
  • Course Marking
  • Statewide or Multi-Institution OER Taskforces 
  • Compliance with State Reporting Requirements
  • OER Studies & Surveys
  • K-12 Partnerships & Dual Credit
  • ZTC Programs & CTE Programs

Lisa Young, PhD

Dr. Lisa Young
Faculty Director, Center for Teaching & Learning
Scottsdale College, AZ

Video/Audio Series: 

Identify Key Topics in State & Regional OER Policy

  • Describe your state or regional partnership and how it came about.
  • What do you see as the most effective lever for increasing OER adoption in your state/region?
  • What are your lessons learned? 

Stewardship of Content & Data 

Best Practices for responsible management of OER and associated data

James Glapa-Grossklag

James Glapa-Grossklag

Dean, Educational Technology, Learning Resources and Distance Learning 

College of Canyons, CA

Methods: Develop and revise resources that embody responsible planning, management, and re-use of OER including safeguarding of student content & data.

The CARE Framework (2018), Doug Levin, Lisa Petrides, Eddie Watson

  • Expand / adapt existing CARE Framework to reflect emerging awareness of privacy issues and to make more actionable in the field.

Student Bill of Rights, Student Voice

  • Build on existing Student Bill of Rights for interacting with OER, particularly as regards privacy and surveillance.

Professionalism of the Open Educator

Identify roles, competencies, and professional development

Quill West, OER Project Mgr

Quill West

Open Education Project Manager Pierce College District, WA


Questions: What are the professional practices of open educators? How can people find out about opportunities, get trained, and successfully employed? 

  • Define the “what” of open education professions. (Roles)
  • Describe the “how.” (Competencies and Skills)
  • Explore the “how to.” (Professional Development)
  • Combine our findings into a useful matrix building on existing work.
    • Controlled vocabulary
    • Cross-Walked skill sets
    • PD outcomes mapped to roles
    • Recommendations for needed skills

Sustainability of Open Education

Integrate OER into mainstream institutional processes

Amy Hofer, OpenOregon Library Coordinator

Amy Hofer
Open Oregon Educational Resources

Methods: Collect examples of open education embedded in existing processes, workflows, and procedures.


  • OER is core to what we do
  • Integrate with student success
  • This is already in our job duties
  • The funding already exists


  • Living, growing document as more examples shared
  • Motivate consideration of including open education in mainstream institutional processes
  • Cross-walked with the SUNY OER Sustainability Framework


Please watch the Regional Leaders for Open Education webinar recorded on Mar 4, 2020 to learn how to get involved.

Slides available at

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