Cable Green

I’ve had the pleasure of working on open education (content, practices, and policy) in public Universities, Community and Technical Colleges and in K-12. While all sectors continue to make progress on mainstreaming open education, I continue to be inspired by the work of Community Colleges. Creativity loves constraints, and while I never wish resource (time, money, people) constraints on anyone, Community Colleges seem to operate within a space of perpetual resource scarcity. And yet it is consistently this sector – the Community Colleges – that innovates, breaks barriers, changes the procurement rules, highlights OER in course catalogs, implements system-wide open licensing policies, creates and adopts open textbooks, and shifts to Z-degrees.

Throughout the last decade, the CCCOER has been the community where Community College open education innovations, best practices, and struggles have been shared. It was my honor to serve as one of its early board presidents, and I continue to actively monitor and participate in its online community. Kudos to Una Daly for her ongoing leadership, and to the Open Education Consortium for helping to merge the once separate Community College and University open education conversations.

Dr. Cable Green
Director of Open Education, Creative Commons
Past President, CCCOER