To think creatively about the future is to risk ridicule. To create the future by acting decisively is to guarantee opposition. Many members of our CCCOER community have encountered both ridicule and opposition, and have kept moving toward the vision of open education—education for everyone, everywhere.  Today, ten years into the life of CCCOER, we see that open education is an essential component of the community college landscape. I am honored to have played a role in growing CCCOER from an idea to an engaged and effective community.

Personally, I have had the great good fortune to be inspired by the visions of Martha Kanter and Hal Plotkin, and to be empowered by my boss, Dianne Van Hook. Like so many of you, I am endlessly impressed by the talent and dedication of Una Daly, the glue that holds together our CCCOER community.

Congratulations to CCCOER and to all of us in the community. Open education has moved from envisioning a crazy future to creating a new normal, due in large part to you!

James Glapa-Grossklag
Dean, Educational Technology, Learning Resources and Distance Learning
Treasurer and Past President of the Board, Open Education Consortium
Past President, CCCOER