Congratulations to the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) on celebrating your 10th Anniversary! Over these years, hundreds of faculty, deans, entire community colleges, K-12 exemplars, and universities have moved forward to adopt OER in their courses and programs.

It is especially exciting to see the development of entire departments and whole degree pathways that have adopted OER for use in the education pipeline. These visionary faculty and deans are paving the way to increase academic quality, engagement, and widespread use of OER; they are also directly helping thousands and thousands of students to reduce their overall college costs as textbook prices continue to escalate.

OER is an ideal solution that does not compromise quality AND reduces cost by making textbooks free and openly available for all. Thanks to CCCOER for charting new ground and building the support infrastructure to help community college students, faculty and their institutions to use OER in their courses and programs!

Keep up the great work to introduce OER to millions more students and faculty in the years ahead!

Dr. Martha Kanter
Executive Director, College Promise Campaign
Senior Fellow New York University
U.S. Undersecretary of Education, 2009-2013
Former Chancellor of Foothill-DeAnza College District, 2003-2009