I’m honored to be the current president of the CCCOER Leadership Team, because it lets me give back to an organization that has meant a lot for my professional and personal growth in open education work. In my earliest experiences CCCOER I was a faculty librarian at a college in Eastern Washington state, and what I knew about OER amounted to cost savings for students. However, I was passionate about sharing, access to information, and lowering student costs so I started lurking on the CCCOER list and attending webinars.¬†

One of the things I find most rewarding about our work at CCCOER is that the community grows leaders from within, and my experience mirrors that commitment of the organization. I started by ¬†lurking on the email list and watching webinars. With invitations from Una, James Glapa-Grossklag and other leaders, I found myself sharing my perspective about issues on the email list and participating in Advisory Committee meetings. Eventually, I presented at a conference with CCCOER, and then I presented at my first webinar. I remember being scared that my concept wasn’t as impressive as others who were sharing their work, but the community embraced all of the presenters, and I found a network of colleagues who were happy to have my voice, and to see what my college was up to in our endeavors to save our students money.¬†

This morning, as I was scanning my email, I came across a group of messages on the list showcasing promotional videos about OER projects, and I got excited about how my college could do something similar. CCCOER is a connection point for me, but it is also a place to find new ideas and to share the great work my college has done. Mostly, CCCOER means a lot to me because it is a community of people who care a lot about students, about educators, and about bringing the two together to make great learning experiences. I’m thankful to all of our community for your faith in me in leading the organization forward, and in providing ongoing growth and development for my personal and professional practice.

Quill West
OER Project Manager Pierce College District
CCCOER President 2015-present