Does OER usage improve teaching practice, foster open policies at institutions, and make access to education more equitable?   These are the hypotheses that the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) has been investigating in collaboration with the OER Research Hub at Open University.  Through the use of faculty surveys and interviews with college administrators and leaders from over 20 community colleges, data has been gathered on teaching practices and perceptions of how open and online educational resources enhance student learning and foster institutional open policies.

Please join the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) for this free webinar on Wed, April 9, 11:00 am (PT), 2:00 pm (ET) featuring Dr. Rob Farrow, lead researcher for the community college collaboration at the OER Research Hub project. Dr. Farrow will share his year-long journey including many visits to U.S. community colleges to observe and interview administrators, faculty, and students engaged in open education practice and advocacy.

Slides now available:

OER Impact and Student Voices from Una Daly