As Open Educational Resources become more mainstream, there is also an increase in the number of vendors who are offering OER solutions. How do we evaluate these solutions? Are they supporting the open education mission or simply offering low-cost solutions in the short term?  Join Quill West, CCCOER president, and Nicole Finkbeiner, Associate Director, Institutional Relations at OpenStax, as they lead a dialogue about how to select OER vendors to partner with. They will also discuss how the CARE Framework (Contribute, Attribute, Release, and Empower) can provide a foundation for evaluating OER solutions.

When: Wednesday, June 13th, 11am PT/ 2pm ET

Featured Speakers:

  • Nicole Finkbeiner, Associate Director, Institutional Relations, OpenStax
  • Quill West, CCCOER president, Pierce College District

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Slides now available:

CCCOER June 18 Webinar: OER & Supporting Platforms from Una Daly

Open stax ecosystem model presentation for cccoer 6.12.18 from Una Daly