Achieving the Dream launched an OER Degree Initiative in 2016 with 38 colleges in 13 states who are developing entire degree pathways where traditional textbooks have been replaced with open educational resources.  Austin Community College and Montgomery Community College are two of the colleges who are participating in this transformation to enhance teaching and learning and share research on the impact on student success and cost.

Our speakers will share successes and challenges including topics such as the role of the library, faculty development, marketing OER courses to students, and working with your bookstore.

When: Wed, March 29, at 10am PT/ 1pm ET

Featured Speakers:

From Austin Community College, Texas

  • Dr. Gaye Lynn Scott, Associate Vice President, Academic Transfer Programs
  • Carrie Gits, Head Librarian/Associate Professor

From Montgomery College, Maryland:

  • Samantha Streamer Veneruso, Professor of English; Chair, General Studies Program
  • Michael A. Mills, Vice President, Office of E-Learning, Innovation, and Teaching Excellence (ELITE)

Image: Graduation from-besighyawn via Flickr licensed CC-BY-NC

Slides now available:

CCCOER webinar: OER Degrees Emerge in Maryland and Texas from Una Daly