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by: Kiri Dali, Digital Librarian, Lord Fairfax Community College

Presenter speaking to audience

Speaker Presents at the “We’re Open 2018” Event by Dr. Karen Kellison


Lord Fairfax Community College hosted an OER event Saturday, April 21, 2018, at its Middletown, Virginia campus. The event, titled “We’re Open 2018,” brought local administrators, faculty, staff, and librarians together from area universities, community colleges, and K-12 schools to discuss open education.

The keynote speaker for the event was Brent Kendrick, an LFCC faculty member who discussed his personal experiences using OER. The event also featured a faculty panel, student perspectives on using OER, and several breakout sessions that covered a variety of open education topics. OER research was discussed in a breakout presentation provided by Jamison Miller, Director of Teaching and Learning at Lumen Learning. Another breakout session featured Matthew DeCarlo, Assistant Professor of Social Work at Radford University, who discussed the benefits of adopting OER, open licensing, his own experiences using OER, and the results of an OER pilot test conducted at Radford University. A breakout session was also provided by Kiri Dali, Digital Librarian at LFCC, and Mary Hanlin, OER Librarian at Thomas Nelson Community College, who discussed locating OER and the process of adopting OER with the help of librarians.

The event received excellent evaluations from attendees, with most attendees indicating they were very likely to explore and adopt OER materials in the future. After the success of “We’re Open 2018,” LFCC is considering making this an annual event. To view presentation slides and other materials from the event, visit LFCC’s “We’re Open” event website.

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