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The CCCOER Fall 2018 Webinar Series is now available. All webinars will take place on Wednesdays at (11 am PT/ 2 pm ET). More information about the speakers will be posted a couple of weeks prior to the webinar at, as well as sent to the CCCOER Community email list, and tweeted out via our Twitter.

This series is open and free to the open education community and we encourage you to invite your colleagues to attend or better yet watch together and continue the discussion afterward.

If you can not join us live, the slides and videos will be posted a couple of days after the webinar at and you can go there now to search our webinar archives.

Sept 19 Collaborative Platforms for Open Content Development

As more colleges are promoting the adoption of OER to expand access and improve completion rates, collaborative platforms for publishing open content are becoming more critical.  Faculty, librarians, and instructional designers are often working in teams to curate, adapt, and format openly licensed content for entire courses. We will hear from several stakeholders who have adopted collaborative platforms to streamline the process from course outline to delivery of fully OER courses and open textbooks.

To view video and slides visit:

Oct 17 Different Approaches to Sustaining Open Education

What happens after your first OER project is a success? You have to find a way to sustain your efforts! From professional development and policies to securing ongoing financial support for OER work, we are all looking for ways to keep our efforts in OER growing. Hear strategies from multiple colleges on how they are sustaining and expanding open education programs through blended funding and alignment with course redesign and student success programs.

To view video and slides visit:

Nov 14 Transforming Learning with Open Educational Practices and Pedagogy

Open educational practices enable new ways for students to learn and create knowledge.  We will hear from several pioneering OER faculty who utilize open educational practices and pedagogy to enhance student engagement and knowledge as they blur the boundary between instructor and student in collaboratively building the commons.

To view video and slides visit:

Dec 5 The Impact of OER Adoption on Cost, Outcomes, and Stakeholder Perceptions

Open educational resources (OER) efficacy research shows that the use of OER does not negatively impact student success metrics such as grades, course completion, retention, and persistence rates. In numerous research studies involving more than 46,00 students across different types of institutions, Hilton (2016) found that students performed comparably in courses using OER vs. traditional materials.  Hear from 2018-19 Open Ed Group Fellows who will share their research on open textbook adoption at multiple institutions including textbook adoptions in high-enrollment, multi-section introductory courses (psychology and economics) at Lansing Community College.

To view video and slides visit:

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4 thoughts on "Fall 2018 Webinar Series"

  1. Avatar Lisa Stoner says:

    Hi. Are these webinars recorded so they can be watched at another time. I have a class during the live time but would be very interested in viewing these at an alternative time.

    Thank you.

    1. Liz Yata Liz Yata says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Sorry for the late reply, but yes, all of our webinars are recorded and the video and slides will be posted on our website. You can also view our previous webinars going back a couple of years.

      1. Avatar Elizabeth W Stewart says:

        Where are the OER Recordings. Please post your website link.

        1. Liz Yata Liz Yata says:

          Hi Elizabeth,

          I apologize for the confusion. A couple of weeks before each webinar we create a separate post for each webinar, and after the webinar, we add the video and slides to that post. You can view all of our webinars at, including our archives going back years. I also added a link to the archive for our September webinar.

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