From the earliest days of OER thinking in British Columbia, we relied on partner organizations that had gone before us to help guide our path. CCCOER and Washington State were our role models, and we had no difficulty in asking for advice and support and receiving it. It made our journey smoother and accelerated our efforts to engage with faculty and administrators.

In those early days around 2010-2012, we frequently called on Una Daly and Judy Baker from CCCOER to answer our questions and help us plan our approach in British Columbia. It would be remiss of me if I didn’t also note Connie Broughton and Cable Green from Washington State two others we counted among our OER allies. From the beginning, the open education movement has been about community, and the CCCOER team members have been exemplars of a community-engaged approach.

So, I am delighted to send the heartiest of congratulations to the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) to mark your 10th Anniversary, and I thank you once again for all the great pioneering work in California, and your willingness to share and provide an inclusive practice model for others to emulate and build upon. Bravo!

Best wishes.

David Porter, Ed.D.
CEO – eCampusOntario
(Formerely, Exec. Director – BCcampus)