The weekly dialogue, comments, and requests for resources that come through on the CCCOER email listserv are extremely informative and helpful to emerging post-secondary OER practice in Ontario, Canada. The needs and resources shared on the listserv are not always fully aligned with Ontario curriculum. However, the spirit of sharing and gems such as the work of Open Oregon and SUNY (among many others) provide us with great starting places to share practices as well as resources with educators and administrators at our member institutions (24 colleges and 21 universities in Ontario). Where we can, we try to add suggestions and provide value to CCCOER participants through our experiences.

My personal practice for this academic year with eCampusOntario ( is to help support and build open community (campus advocates), to support six new OER Fellows (faculty members and professional support staff conducting action research on OER-related topics), and support the development and use of open textbooks as widely as possible in Ontario post-secondary education.

Jenni Hayman
Program Manager