Lisa Young

It has been an amazing journey to see the OER movement grow over the last several years. I first learned about creative commons licensing at the same time I learned about reusable learning objects and was excited at the possibilities. I loved the idea of having a license that could be shared as well as the idea of sharing discrete learning objects with other educators and not reinventing the wheel. While these two ideas were developing in parallel, what has occurred over the past 15 years is a beautiful merger of these two ideologies.

I have been involved with the CCCOER for the past five years and found it to be an innovative, supportive and nurturing community with a unified goal and many ways to get there. The community of practice that has been developed is a tribute to the openness and brilliance of the members of CCCOER.

Congratulations on your 10 year Anniversary CCCOER, the organization and its members have inspired and grown so many and inevitable impacted countless students. I cannot wait to see how you impact and support the growth and innovation in openness in the future.

Lisa Young, Ph.D
CCCOER VP of Outreach
Faculty Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning
Co-chair of Maricopa Millions
Scottsdale Community College