Preston Davis

Six years ago when I began working on an OER degree pathway project at Northern Virginia Community College I was an OER novice. I had used some OER in teaching my own courses but did not have experience developing OER courses or programs. I met Una at a conference in 2012 and found CCCOER to be just what I needed to gain a deeper knowledge about open educational resources. I felt an instant connection with the CCCOER community, and found the members, like Una, James, Barbara, Lisa, Quill, and so many others to be knowledgeable, dedicated, helpful, and supportive. I quickly got involved in trying to help CCCOER grow, and eventually joined the CCCOER Executive Council as Vice President of Partnerships and Policy.

When I first joined CCCOER I was planning a project to recruit faculty in high-enrollment courses to help save students money by adopting OER. I very quickly gained such valuable insight from my colleagues at CCCOER that I began to design a more structured approach where OER would not only make education more accessible and affordable but would give them a clearer pathway to successfully completing a degree. The fact that I could see firsthand the contributions made by faculty, librarians, administrators and other CCCOER members gave me the confidence to put together a team to pursue this ambitious goal. I can say with certainty that I would not have had success, and may have never even pursued a homegrown OER degree pathway, without the guidance and support of the CCCOER leadership and community.

I have seen CCCOER continue to grow in both members and activity, and can only imagine what wonderful contributions CCCOER will make to open education in the next 10 years!

Preston Davis Ed.D
CCCOER VP of Partnerships and Policy
Director of Instructional Services
Extended Learning Institute, Northern Virginia Community College