CCCOER has been an invaluable resource, network, and community for me, especially when I was still starting my OER journey. I still remember the first CCCOER webinar I attended back in 2013. It was the “Critical Role of Librarians in OER Adoption.” I know that librarians are a crucial part of any OER initiative but hearing the words and testimonials from librarians who came before me served as validation and encouragement. From then on, I made it a point to watch the recordings of all the webinars that CCCOER has hosted so that I could learn more. In 2015, when I started our OER initiative at Lansing Community College (LCC), I reached out to Una and asked if she could come to LCC to moderate a panel of experts for our first-ever OER Summit. Not only did Una agreed, but she also recommended CCCOER leaders such as Quill West, Preston Davis, and Lisa Young who all made up the panel of experts. When we saw each other, it was as if we were long-time friends and rightly so because they were all so welcoming, encouraging, supportive. They truly embody the spirit of openness and sharing.

You cannot be involved in CCCOER and not give back to the community. I’m glad that I can contribute to the vibrant and growing OER movement in community colleges. LCC is now a member of OEC/CCCOER, and I serve on the Executive Council as VP for Professional Development. I’ve done some webinars, either as speaker or moderator, as well as participate in panel presentations at Open Education conferences. I think I’ve inspired a lot of my librarian colleagues, especially in Michigan, to take the helm and lead their campus’ OER initiatives. And this would not have been possible without the many committed educators that make up the CCCOER community. I hope we continue to grow and thrive. Finally, I’d love to see the day when all community colleges across the U.S. use OER and embrace the values of open education.  I think it is totally possible and for sure, CCCOER will be there to support it.

Regina Gong
Librarian and OER Project Manager
Lansing Community College