To celebrate Open Education Week, CCCOER will hold five 45-minute webinars, one per day, where faculty in a specific discipline will discuss the intricacies of teaching OER in that subject and answer audience questions.

Join us to hear faculty discuss:

  • How they were first introduced to OER, and what made them decide to use it.
  • What the process of adopting OER was like and what challenges they encountered.
  • How OER has changed the way they teach.
  • Any assessments they have done regarding student success rates, and how their students have responded to OER.
  • If they are going to continue using OER, and if so, any changes they are considering implementing to improve the course.

When: March 4 – 8, 12pm PT/ 3pm ET

Subjects and Featured Speakers:

Monday, March 4th: Sociology

  • Vera Kennedy, West Hills College Lemoore
  • Christine Monnier, College of DuPage

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Tuesday, March 5th: Administration of Justice

  • Julia Ellis, Salt Lake Community College
  • Sean Fay, Montgomery College
  • Michelle Ronda, Borough of Manhattan Community College

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Wednesday, March 6th: English

  • Laurie Coleman, San Antonio College
  • Katherine Lynch, Rockland Community College
  • Clare Thompson, Northern Essex Community College

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Thursday, March 7th: Philosophy

  • Edward Haven, Los Medanos Community College
  • Nathan Smith, Houston Community College

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Friday, March 8th: Math

  • Jodi Cotten-Konsur, Westchester Community College
  • Larry Green, Lake Tahoe Community College

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