Image of Kate HessI recall a day about 8 years ago when my dean here at Kirkwood brought me a spread from a newspaper advertising an open textbooks website. At the time, I had heard of open access but not OER. I started doing research and saw right away that we as librarians needed to add OER to our repertoire of knowledge and skills we bring to our respective colleges. The OER movement is a demonstration of the librarian philosophy that free access to information is an essential right for all people.

In our work at Kirkwood in supporting faculty who choose to adopt OER in their courses, we do a lot of one-on-one work with faculty, offer regular workshops, and speak to staff, departments, deans, board, and cabinet members to raise awareness and answer questions about OER. Drawing on the wealth of experience and knowledge that exists in CCCOER has been invaluable in each of these aspects of OER support, from the first “train the trainer” workshop I attended years ago, to the webinar links that I send out to interested faculty each month. I can truly say that we wouldn’t have the OER adoptions we do today at Kirkwood without the help of the CCCOER community. Congratulations on 10 years!

Kate Hess
Library Coordinator
Kirkwood Community College, Iowa City, Iowa